US Institutional Invеstors Bullish on Crypto: Coinbasе Survеy Prеdicts Pricе Surgе in thе Nеxt Yеar

Coinbasе Survеy Rеvеals Optimism Among US Institutional Invеstors for Upward Crypto Pricе Trеnd in thе Coming Yеar

Nov 18, 2023 - 16:17
US Institutional Invеstors Bullish on Crypto: Coinbasе Survеy Prеdicts Pricе Surgе in thе Nеxt Yеar
Invеstors Bullish on Crypto

Exploring the current sentiments within the institutional investor community regarding cryptocurrency price trends for the upcoming year, a recent study initiated by Coinbase, a prominent US-based crypto exchange, and conducted by Institutional Investor reveals intriguing insights.

The study, which gathered opinions from a cross-section of 250 institutional investors, highlighted a notable shift in outlook compared to previous evaluations. Impressively, 57% of the participants foresee an upward trajectory in crypto prices over the next 12 months. This marks a stark contrast from the preceding year, where a mere 8% held similar optimistic perspectives, according to Coinbase's previous study. Conversely, only 2% of respondents predict a downward trend, with 41% anticipating stability or a range-bound movement in crypto values.

Furthermore, the survey accentuates a significant inclination towards bolstering crypto holdings among respondents in the near future. Almost 60% of those surveyed expressed intentions to increase their crypto assets within the next three years. Interestingly, none of the participants plan to reduce their digital asset portfolios. Moreover, nearly half of the institutional investors currently absent from the crypto sphere express their intent to venture into this domain within the upcoming three years.

Diving into the preferences concerning asset classes poised for appealing risk-adjusted returns over the following three years, the survey unveils intriguing findings. While 54% of institutional investors perceive private equity as a substantial opportunity, 48% favor U.S. equities, and 41% acknowledge the potential of cryptocurrencies in this regard. Additionally, 35% of respondents identify emerging market equities as promising, while only 31% and 26% consider commodities and real estate, respectively, as lucrative avenues for returns.

Overall, the survey emphasizes an expanding confidence and interest among institutional investors in cryptocurrencies. It underscores an evolving investment landscape where digital assets are increasingly recognized as feasible and promising elements of diversified portfolios.



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